Choose a standard body below (Custom Head from your photo + pre-made body) or
Choose a Full Custom Body from Head to Toe (Custom head + Custom full body from head to toe)
Follow the checkout process. Once the order is paid, follow the process to upload photos or send them via Email/txt SMS:518-282-5778
We will ship your bobblehead with secure packaging and online tracking to ensure it arrived safely and on time.
* We recommend our proofing over sculpting and painting option to ensure you are 100% happy with the likeness. Our unique proofing system allows you to communicate directly with our artists to ensure you are completely satisfied.
Please note:
We had received many orders, our team is working overtime and the cut off for Christmas order was Dec 10th. Thank you for your business.
All orders including Express or Priority will be delivered after Christmas at this time. We recommend to select the proofing option, and you will receive a photo proof of the product with the schedule accordingly.
This proofing photo can be emailed to the receiver and notify him/her the bobblehead is on its way.

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